Thursday, November 4, 2010

DC Comic's latest lame idea

Bruce Wayne is going to be revealed as Batman's financial muscle in an upcoming DC Comic.
DC writers did you not think this idea through or what?
If I were the Joker or Riddler or Mr. Freeze, all you have to do to seriously hinder Batman's crime-fighting efforts is to attack Bruce Wayne or Wayne Enterprises.
This lame idea gives up some of Batman's secret identity and independent status.
Why would Bruce Wayne do this? It makes no sense.
Logically after such an announcement, Batman would have to protect his private life much more.
I fail to see any advantage in Batman doing this.
What dumb idea is next for DC writers?
How about these:
-Have Wonder Woman identify the location of Paradise Island?
-Have Superman open his Fortress of Solitude Zoo to public tours?

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