Monday, March 8, 2010

No more Free on-line comics library?

The free window to hundreds of Superman and thousands of other comic books is gone, likely taken down for legal issues.
The site boasted 5,700 titles, 6.63 million pages and 1.6 million views a day! I can't imagine all the time spent scanning in all those images, let alone obtaining them.
My local comics store only has a fraction of those titles available and so where the site owners obtained them all is simply miraculous.
I can't believe comic retailers liked it, though it avoids having the newest of releases.
I still have some Superman comics from the 1960s, where I got a part one, but not the conclusion part two. So, this site at least gave me the opportunity to complete some older stories for me.
I also read many old Action and World's Finest and Adventure comics back into the 1940s.
Some of the sci-fi alone in those "golden age" tales was ahead of its time.
It was also interesting how some story ideas for the "Adventures of Superman" TV show came directly from the comic books, but how that also worked in reverse at times.
Reading some World Wat I era Superman comics was also a kick. You'd see this great cover of Superman stopping a German tank or a U-boat, but then inside there would be nothing about the war in any of the stories.
I got my free worth from this site, while it was there, to be sure.
The site was at:

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  1. WOW Lynn!!! Thanks for posting this..Like you I'm in doubt about how long this site will stay up. (I think they're on shaky ground re:their legal position.)

    I'll take full advantage of it till then though. Thanks again, man you're a great guy!