Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Bring Superman back to his own comics!

Superman, the star of DC Comic's Action and Superman comics has been absent from them (excluding one brief appearance) for some 10 months now.
What a lame idea!
DC has filled those comics with substitutes and only Mon-El is worth anything.
The rest are junk!
DC's plot of a military group gunning for Kryptonians has gone on way too long and is getting stale.
It's bad enough that DC has tens of thousands of super-powered Kryptonians flying around, but you just can't leave the star of a comic out for a year.
(The only time that worked was when Superman was "dead" after the Doomsday battle for about a year in the early 1990s.)
My 20 copies of Action and Superman comics are next to worthless and their only value is to complete my collections of all such comics since about 1963.
(The DC plan is that Superman will likely return after a year, when "World of New Krypton" saga runs its course.... in 12 issues.)

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