Monday, October 12, 2009

2 Smallville shortcomings ...

OK, I faithfully watch Smallville on TV each week and it is definitely a different re-telling of the Superman legend.
However, I have 2 problems with where the series is going:
1. The absence of eyeglasses on Clark Kent. He's now working at the Daily Planet as a young reporter and yet has no eyeware! How is that supposed to work?
That's not true to an absolute, main theme in the Superman legend.
How are people not supposed to recognize him in his two different identities, if he lacks glasses?
This is too late in the game to be adding glasses, since he sits by Lois Lane now at the Daily Planet.
Even if the Smallville series concludes BEFORE he becomes Superman, that's a pretty big loose end to not address -- his lack of glasses.
2. "The Blur," as he is known now, lacks some significant Super-Powers he should have now. A lack of flight has been addressed in the show, in that Jor-El has told Kal-El that his too human thinking is why he can't fly.
(But Kal-El does have a Legion flight ring and why he has that, is concerned about not flying and doesn't use the ring is a flat-out contradiction in the series.)
However, he also doesn't have telescopic vision at all and is X-ray vision seems much too primitive at times, only seeing a view of skeletons, when he's looking through walls and things for people.
I believe one upcoming episode this season will have Jor-El giving Kal-El a temporary ability to read minds.
I think Kal-El needs episodes that explore all his regular powers, before they add new ones….

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