Friday, September 25, 2009

A Superman reboot .... starting over

I recall being shocked back in the mid-1980s, when Superman was rebooted. His origin was redone. He was never a Superboy in the retelling and his powers didn't start until his late teens. He was also less powerful, less strong,less fast.
Perhaps the success of the "Smallville" TV series is a factor in this, but as of late September 2009, Superman is being redone again and he's back to being Superboy, as told in "Superman: Secret Origin," a six-part miniseries.
The Legion of Super-heores has been lame for more than 20 years with no Superboy, the group's inspiration and yet now the Man of Steel is back to 1,000 years in the future too.
If DC Comics wanted Superman to appeal more to pre-teenagers, you'd think they would have been wise enough to have never discarded Superboy, but they did.
A return to Superboy should especially excite younger audiences again.
Supermnan's costume also looks to have returned to its indestructible state again too in this reboot.
Other returns to the pre-1985 era in the latest reboot process:
--Lex Luthor grew up in Smallville.
--Lana Lang knew about Clark's powers early on.
--Clark's glasses are made of Kryptonian glass from his rocket ship.
--The Legion comes calling for Superboy.
I like this reboot so far and it is adding some new fresh twists too, like the Kryptonian glass keeping Superman's erratic heat vision in check.
You can also see the "Smallville" show's imprint in this reboot.
So, I say yes to the "new" Adventures of Superman and Superboy.

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  1. Hi Lynn, Jerry here.

    You know full well I haven't bought a comic book in years, but your assesment of the new reboot of Superman could change my mind. (If onlly there were a comic book shop nearby. They're hard to find in my area)

    When I first saw the heading "A Superman Reboot...Starting Over", my first thought was "OH NO, Not AGAIN."

    I've been so sick of the constant re-imagining of Superman. But if DC is re-inserting the classic myth of the character, I have to give the intent a thumbs up.

    I haven't read the reboot, so I can't say whether you're right that Smallville is the inspiration. Maybe the All Star Superman series of Grant Morrison is the bigger influence.

    At any rate, I'm glad DC is making the character "Superman" again, and not a derivitave that I've always considered these multiple rboots to be.

    I Like your blog and have book marked it.